Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jump and Escape

Yesterday, I spent:
1. An hour and a half rehearsing 
2. Almost 2 and a half hours at a Carolina Women's Basketball game
3. 45 minutes wandering around my friends house, eating hummus out of the container and dissing my friend on my he hasn't seen Modern Family yet
It was a total of almost 7 hours of not being home. Not saying that it was bad, but I really wanted some solid food and some tea. 

Things that make me really happy:
1. Gilmore Girls, that show makes me laugh. It's good to have a guilty pleasure because you have something to fall back on when you get sad.
2. Chocolate. Especially the Swiss kind with the crisps on the bottom. Or hazelnuts. Either one is great. 
3. H'n'M. That store makes me so happy because I love their clothes. They are not that fancy and relatively cheap. They don't look that cheap and the clothes are simple, yet edgy and cool.
4. Tea. Raspberry, Red zinger, lemon, as long as it tastes great and has a good purpose, I will drink it. It is so relaxing.
5. When people do the little things that ends up leading to the bigger picture. They do it out of the kindness of their heart and they don't get told to. 

I want some where to confide to. When I need some where to go when I need time to think. There are no woods behind my house and I can drive any where. It's either my room or no where. I love my room but there are 4 walls. In the woods, there is a jump-able fence made of trees and you can go anywhere and no one will find you. 

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