Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yesterday, I spent all day cleaning out of my room. I cleaned out all of crap in my closet and donating, I swear, half of my closet to the thrift shop. There is stuff going to the attic and there is some stuff just being throw away. It feels good not having things that I don'e even like that much. There is some stuff that I'm like, 'yeah, I like that but do I really need it? I kinds like but...' My mom just said 'It goes, you don't need it.'
So, I'm half watching the the Oscars and writing on my blog and doing science things that I didn't do...
I spent 9 hours with some great friends from Church. We went to the civil rights museum and that was fun.We listened to my music there but we fought over it on the way home. It was so much fun, even though I slept most of the way home. It was really funny.
Dance was really fun and we are getting far in to our Earth Day dance. It is so pretty, there is water and white cloth. It is so cool. We are going to wear dresses and my teacher is going to dip them in to blue so the hem is going to be blue. So cool.
Song; The Story -- Brandi Carlile

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