Monday, February 20, 2012

That day

Yes, that day, 14 years ago and my life started. I got emails and phone calls, texts and Facebook posts. They are centered around me. I admit, I blushed when ever I went on to Facebook and saw that 3 other people posted on my wall. They all said the same thing, happy birthday. But it was different for each person. I got messages form my old gym teacher, a friend who I haven't seen since like June and people who I see every day.
I went to H'n'M and I got some really cute clothes. Springy and a new look. The lady at Sephora put make up on me and now I have make up that is natural looking and I could wear in a daily basis.
You know, this entire weekend, I was relaxed. I didn't stress over everything.
But now, I have to go to dance in an hour and my mind is thinking of how my day got wasted away doing mindless things. But what more could I have done? I cleaned my room and the kitchen, I put away my presents, I took the dog on a walk. But I feel like I didn't do enough.
The song for today is: Hallelujah This version is by Rufas Wainwright but the original one is by Leonardo Cohen.

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