Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My life and lies

I love the thrill of doing some thing that I know is wrong but I do it anyway and I know every way of getting around it. Like knowing that I'm supposed to be doing homework but I can save this and quickly mover to a new tab.
Alvin Ailey is  coming to Memorial Hall and I am supper psyched to go see them perform but I have no clue where the tickets are. Only minor problem.
I went to Ephesus to day and hit the field hockey ball around with my little sister and her friend. It was a lot of fun but definitely harder than most things because I was used to knowing how to do things things and not really having to teach how to push pass or pull. It was great fun and now we are going to play for an hour each week for pre-season. Yeah Sophie.
It's now Duke v. Carolina. Go Tar Heels! I love being at games and watching the students react because the cheers that they chant are the funniest and you wonder how they were created.
I have 45 minutes left of Pride and Prejudice and cannot wait until Lizzie and Darcy get married! They are such a cute couple and I love how both of them are so madly in love with each other that they don't want to admit it. I can't handle the mother though. Her poor, poor nerves. She get's in to hysterics and it is so funny to watch but after the 4th scene and she is freaking out, I can't handle it any more. I have to fast forward it. I love Darcy's sister, she is so pretty and small.
My knee hurt but it was fixed by a hot water pad.  Had some raspberry tea and listened to John Mayer. I really miss being in the band. We were Undecided and had a great time being together. We rocked out and had a great time talking and collaborating with each other. The one line in Unbreakable that really stood out to me was "You broke everything that I every had/But I'm unbreakable/Why are you so sad?/ I'm not falling for you" I loved performing that song because people can tell you things but you are the one that lets them break you. You are letting them effect you. You are unbreakable.

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