Monday, February 27, 2012


The joys of being a dancer is that your joints hurt and you get to raid the drug store for things that actually work. Pinky Balls are brilliant, they are pink balls that helps with anything. They help sore arms and legs and knees.
But it's my lower back that's killing me, when I move, it's stiff but the rewards of applause if rewarding.
My expo is turning out great....ish. The plants are growing and I haven't really been yelled at yet sooo.
There isn't really anything in my life right now. School is school.
But, today I realized something. I really, really like science. I don;t know why but I really like it. There is something soothing to me when I over come a challenge and I love the petri dishes and the really cool equipment that clutters the black lab benches. I used to not really like science but I have come to appreciate it.
Sorry, this is not a very long post. I'm doing ok actually.
Song: Super Junior -- Mr. Simple. Ok. OK. This is Korean Pop (K-Pop) but I love them. They have goods songs and even though they aren't as cute as 2pm, they are still really good.

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