Saturday, September 29, 2012

High school

So, I'm a freshman at a school that is ranked 88th in the country for collage readiness, we are in the top 100 high schools in the nation and 95% of ECHHS Wildcats go on to collage or university. AP scores are high and we are on the Honor School of Excellent list of NC.

That's scary.

As a freshman coming from a Montessori school, the 1,500 other kids at my school are big and scary.
I'm not kidding when I say that some of these junior, even sophomore, guys are like 2-3 feet taller than me. And they have muscles which makes them even bigger and scarier.

Many kids worry about their grades and if their exam in class x will effect their 91.
I worry about my 89's and my missing assignments but I'm also worried about the friend situation.  Do I actually have friends? Do the people I eat lunch with actually like me or are they just nice?
Sure, I knew them in 6th grade but that doesn't mean that we were besties back then.
At my Montessori school, there were 22 of us. There are 26 people in my Honors Bio class.
4 people is not a lot but it's still more people than at Montessori, 7th and 8th grade combined.

I worry about what classes I'm gonna take next year because a lot of sophomores are taking AP World History.
AP World History. The same class as my senior sister.

I know I'm not ready but what if the expectation is too high and the pressure is on and I am "forced" in a sense to take hard classes. What if it's given that I take unbelievably hard classes?
We are 88th in the country.
High is going to be a long four years.
And I could be more ready.
I'm ready for September to be over and October to be here. 

The Avett Brothers -- I and Love and You

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's coming!!!

It's coming and coming fast!!!
It is about to be FALL!!
I love fall so much

There are the colors

And the clothes
And the tea
 The weather get's colder and crisper

You can wear colorful jackets in school without being sick

You can layer clothing and color on color

There are gorgeous sunsets

The farmer's markets are overflowing with fresh food

I can make fresh bread

There are the last of the flowers and the colors are endless

You can eat soup with out feeling weird

Nature is overflowing with color

Fall is finally coming. And I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In sickness and in health

Here is my sick story: (its still going on...)
Got a fever Tuesday
Didn't go to school Wednesday or Thursday due to a fever. Took a lot of medicine.
Felt OK enough to go to school Friday.

So on Sunday, I wake up with severe stomach cramps.
My mom and I end up going to Urgent Care for 3 hours to learn that I have this big ball of gas in my stomach. And that I'm very anemic, which means that my iron is really low. I'm at a 6 and I should be at a 12...
So, my Sunday morning was eventful. I was tired, still had a fever, a cold, possibly walking pneumonia and very anemic.
I go home, do some homework for Honors Biology, sleep.

Then its Monday, which is basically this:
On Thursday, we had a delayed opening.
 Which means only 2, 4, and 6th period.
(Friday is 1, 3, 5, and 7)
So I get to school on Friday and I go to 3rd, which is a study hall.
I go see my Honors World History class, a class where there is a lot of ready and taking notes.
I say, "Mr. _____, can I have the homework?"
He says, "I'll give it to you Monday."
Monday arrives, yesterday.
By the way, the weekend was a nice relatively homework free weekend.
My fever is basically higher at night, maybe 100.5 or so and then fine in the morning.
I get to school on Monday and Mr. ____ says,
"Here is your reading":
44-49, 50-50, 240-249 and 30-35 ish (I forgot the actual numbers.)
I'm about to start crying because that's so time consuming and I have no idea how much more homework I have from other classes.
OK so moral of this long story is that I had soooo much homework.
Mr. ______ was making me mad because he didn't tell me on Friday that I had all this reading.

Dot, Dot, Dot

So Monday kinda sucks and I go home on the bus.
All this time, I'm missing field hockey practice, which I feel really, really bad about.
Tuesday was today and I had gotten most of my Honors World History done and my geometry.
Honors English 1 was fine, World was OK, Mr. _____ said that it said that I just need to get all the reading done by some time.
I have 3rd free because it's a study hall period thing. I go to the doctor during 3rd and she basically tells me that I have walking pneumonia. Happy days are here to stay.
Meanwhile, my iron is still low and that isn't good.
I don't eat meat and she said that that could have effected my iron.
So a walking-pneumonia-stricken child and her saintly mother go out to lunch.
It's there that we decide that for my health, I will go back to eating meat. 
I had a piece of chicken for lunch and dinner and l loved all of it. 
Sure, I feel a little weird but, I won't die and I need it.
So it's Tuesday night and I at 102.3 for my fever, nowhere with my World History and done with my biology and geometry.

You know, life can be a jackass to you. There will be days that you will be so swamped and exhausted that you just feel like quitting.
But don't.
You know, if you really need to, sleep in late and do in at lunch. You can make up you classes later and do them in the morning. 
 Power through and really listen to your body because if you are sick like crazy like me, take a break to sleep and get better.
Because 1 think I have learned, pushing your body and over -driving it will only make it worse.
Ask your teachers for homework, bug them until then do if they don't, like Mr. _____ on Friday.
It's not the end of the world if you miss a few days as a freshman.
You are a freshman.
Just don't be sick 2nd semester/3rd quarter junior year.
Then you are really behind.
So have fun, listen to your body and don't get too stressed.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Blog changes

Yes, yes I did change my blog name, a little about my self and the thing at the top!!
But don't worry, that was all!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Be Loud

Be loud
Let your colors show
Be loud
Have everybody watch
Throw your soul
Let the wind pick it up
Rustle in the leaves
Because you are you
Wade in the water
Be loud
Stay strong
Put your smile on
Be loud
And move with grace
Explode with light
Have no fear
Be loud
See the world
Be yourself
Don't hide away
Be joyous
Because you are you
Be loud

Sophie Steiner

I wrote this poem because of this song: Colorshow -- The Avett Brothers. I love this song and it sends a really good vibe.
I wrote this poem to show that you don't have to be confined in what ever you are doing. You can change and become something else. Be loud, have fun in life because you only live once. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sorry, this will not be as girls empowerment post.
This week has been so overwhelming. I started high school, had a tournament and had field hockey practice.
I learned that the first week of high school sucks. You are overwhelmed and want to cry a lot of the time. You wonder why do a sport. Who with you sit with at lunch? Who are your friends? Why the hell is this kid talking to me? Why does this school have to be so f***ing big? My high school has 1,500 kids and three quads are have two stories each quad an it takes a while to get from upper A to lower C.
The textbooks suck and the vocab quizzes.
But, thankfully, after a long and hectic week, Labor day weekend arrived and I'm at the beach.
My uncle has a beach house and so I'm there with my two uncles, two aunts, two cousins, parents and two sisters. Plus two dogs. The only people are my grandparents and my oldest cousin.
We watched Sleepless in Seattle last night, I learned to knee board, boated, walked around an island, collected broken sand-dollars and boated over waves. I got sprayed with salty water and gusts of wind.
But I have loved this weekend. I know that I have gone to the Lake house for the last 7 years but we tried something new this year. I'm seeing my family and have a blast. I love the ocean and I love the water, sand and sun.