Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sorry, this will not be as girls empowerment post.
This week has been so overwhelming. I started high school, had a tournament and had field hockey practice.
I learned that the first week of high school sucks. You are overwhelmed and want to cry a lot of the time. You wonder why do a sport. Who with you sit with at lunch? Who are your friends? Why the hell is this kid talking to me? Why does this school have to be so f***ing big? My high school has 1,500 kids and three quads are have two stories each quad an it takes a while to get from upper A to lower C.
The textbooks suck and the vocab quizzes.
But, thankfully, after a long and hectic week, Labor day weekend arrived and I'm at the beach.
My uncle has a beach house and so I'm there with my two uncles, two aunts, two cousins, parents and two sisters. Plus two dogs. The only people are my grandparents and my oldest cousin.
We watched Sleepless in Seattle last night, I learned to knee board, boated, walked around an island, collected broken sand-dollars and boated over waves. I got sprayed with salty water and gusts of wind.
But I have loved this weekend. I know that I have gone to the Lake house for the last 7 years but we tried something new this year. I'm seeing my family and have a blast. I love the ocean and I love the water, sand and sun.

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