Sunday, February 5, 2012


I don't have a best friend or a person that I can lean on. I feel like I have layers of friends and none of them are where I want them to be. The top layer is the friends that I never really talk to but when I do, it's pleasant. The next layer is the people who when ever I talk to them, they listen. They are like my dance friends and we have so much fun together. Then there are the friends that I love dearly but they have their own life and I don't feel comfortable spilling all of my secrets to and talking to about my life. I have a great time with them but they have their own life and burdens and their own friends. 
Those are the girls in my class. They have their best friends and the people that inspire them. But who so I have? I thought that maybe, a couple of them would want to lend an ear but all that they want to do is talk to their better friends and ignore me. That just leaves me more depressed. Why do you always have to just push me away? I'm not desperate, I know who I am. 
Maria. She is amazing because she is such a serious dancer but she has two ears and she always listens to me before and after class. I love how she always smiles and wants to talk. Thank you so much dear Maria.
Hannah. Even though she's in Oregon, I feel the connection through blogs and emails. She is always open for me when I need to vent about something and has a great sense of style. 
But to the girls in my class, please don't be my friend unless you actually like me. If you hate me, don't be my friend or try to be nice to me. It won't do you or me any good. 

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