Sunday, February 5, 2012

Colin Firth

Oh my goodness. I watched the first disc of Pride and Prejudice and so for 3 hours, I watched Colin First stare at Jennifer Ehle and Julia Sawalha flirt with all of the officers at the balls. That is what I do with my life. Watch romantic movies and die when Mr. Darcy ask Lizzie Bennett to marry him. I love Pride and Prejudice. Its a classic movie.
So tonight, I'm going to watch the Super Bowl. Yea. I really am not that interested in football and couldn't care less on who wins. I'm there to see friends. We always see the Super Bowl with a couple family friends and we have pre-game rituals that are very important to us.
Going on a mission trip the day after graduation this summer! So excited because we are going to NYC! We are going to do work at the food pantry and do human services.  I am so excited and we might go see a Broadway show. My youth directer is amazing and she is so much fun.

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