Friday, February 10, 2012

Half my Heart is some where else, thinking somewhere else and know that I will never get a grip. I had dance rehearsals and now I am sore and tired and my sister is watching Camp Rock. I have watched the end of P&P and checked FB so many times that it isn't even funny. I talked to old friends and danced around a lot. I'm listening to music. Getting just a tad bit bored.
So, I'm gonna start something new on my blog. New songs. When ever I find a new, good song, I'll post it. Leave a song in the comments and I can listen to them and put them on my iTouch, maybe even my blog! 
So here is the song: John Mayer -- Half of My Heart 

It is kinds a sad song but it has a great tune!! Perfect story of what is going on  in a teen's life.
My friend has the Robo-baby and she is being a great mom. Can't wait until I have it.  Dance classes and rehearsals.
BUT field hockey season starts March 5th and I am so excited. I hit the ball around and my sister is doing it with me. Can't wait until I have practice and games and am able to ribbons in my hair -- er, jersey.

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