Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The little moments

Biking is an amazing thing. I was biking to school today and I had a THOUGHT!!!! If a picture is a thousand words and you are just taking a moment of life, then what if you have one of those cameras that takes 3/4 pictures a second? How many moments can you define? This makes so much sense because a camera is just a transportation devise for the thousands and thousands of words that are piled in you. You can take a snap shot and that is all you need for a great story and a great day.
Sorry but I had a thought.
So, I went to H&M and I got really cute clothes that really really make me happy.
I took the dog on a walk and when I got back, I felt great because I got out of the house and exercised and moved my body for a little while.
Also, I was leaving school and I took my sweatshirt off, think that even though I'll properly freeze my arms off, I didn't wear a sweatshirt biking home. It was amazing. It was warm and there was a stronger but warm wind.
I think it's crazy how my friend in Quebec is skiing and it's 75 degrees here. What is this guys? Really? I think that Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.
I was looking around on YouTube and I looked up The Fray and at the end of the music video, there was a recommend video, for a guy named Ron Pope. So, he caught my attention and he is really good. Here is is: Ron Pope -- Fireflies.

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