Thursday, February 9, 2012

Expo and Switzerland

Well,  my procedure is written. The plants came. All that I need to do now is actually do it and write my procedure.
BUT I'm am so behind. My hypothesis is fuzzy, I need to do my purpose questions, I actually need to get the fertilizers and containers.
For the people who don't know what the Expo is, it is the big science experiment that the 7th and 8th graders do for 2 months. The students choose their own science topic, research, write a procedure, test the experiment, write the lab, including the data analysis, you are writing the science lab prep. You are doing the lab. It's so hard. The board. Don't even get me started in the board. Most of the kids last year didn't do their board until the night before the Expo.
So the Expo is a long, stressful, fun science experiment. It supposedly shows how to plan your time but really, we are so wrapped in other things that we forget about for a little while but then you are slammed. It's great.
I love hot chocolate. It reminds me of snow and of all the childhood memories of snowed in school days, sledding and Pepsi snow (long story behind that, very, very long story.)
I got a card from my grandparents in Switzerland. I miss Switzerland so much, the food and the views, the hikes and the Migro. Walking around Thun was amazing because everything was so close together but then again, so far away. Walking along side the Aare and watching the swans peck for bread. The dare-devil guys wake board white caps from the Aare when it goes through the bridge. The red and pink potted plants along the fence. The outdoor cafe's and the big Ferris Wheel.
I really miss Switzerland and having the mountains look at daily.

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