Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Am I really that crazy?

Things that really piss me off: This list might sound completely crazy but it's who I am.
1. When we are late. Or going to be late.  I love to be early and I freak out. I get nervous and we still have like 2 hours until we need to be there.
2. Hiccuping. When people have hiccups and they do nothing against it. They just keep hiccuping. AND IT NEVER STOPS!!! It drives me crazy.
3. When people repetitively like try to rip their nail and they are like hitting it.  It's a low, hollow sound and they are not stopping. They just keep  going, loosening the skin around their nail.
4. Unshaven armpits. Legs for some reason are OK but OH MY GOD shave your pits. I think its disgusting. And then half the time, they don't even wear deodorant.
5. When people don't try in P.E. or in sports in that matter. You are playing and you just don't try. That is never gonna get you any where in life. If you are doing an organized sport, your parents are paying you are trying. Really? Like what you do and do what you like.
6. If you think that gay people are different. Gay people are just like us and they are normal people with a great since of style. They have normal life and I hate when people bully gay's. 
All 6 of these things drives me completely crazy. I may sound like a crazy kid but it's who I am.

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