Sunday, January 29, 2012


OH MY GOODNESS!!! Jake Shimabukuro came to Clayton and we saw him!! It was so damn intimidating though. He is so relaxed and he loves loves loves music and he plays with his body. He is crazy.
OK back up.  Who is this kid? Er, guy. Well Jake Shimabukuro is 35 year old Japanese-American from Hawaii. He plays ukulele like no ones business.  He started playing when he was 4. OH MY GOD!!! He is so good!.
Before the concert yesterday night, he told us to play with our body, our minds and our souls. Strumming isn't just moving your thumb down the string but actually knowing what you are playing and playing it with you body. Feeling the movements through your body. Centering and standing solidly on your feet and feeling the music rush through you.
It was so wicked. Before be played his last song, he wanted to thank people. He was saying a lot of um's and then he said "And I um would like to um thank a um, great group of um students um um from the Montessori Community School for coming out here tonight!" We all cheered so loudly in the back, it was a great feeling. Then he thanked KAREN RICHARDSON!! OUR MUSIC TEACHER!! She was blushing so much and was so shocked. It was so cool.
So the evening went wonderfully. We drove up there and had the workshop with Jake that started at like 6:45 and went for a half an hour. It was so cool to hear him talk.
I don't know how long the concert was but I'm guessing like 2 hours. It went by so fast. Even though we were in the back, it was great to hear him play. A lot of teachers and parents came and I think, and hope, that they really liked it.
Different topic but my sister got her licenses and it was so weird being in the passengers seat and she was the driver. It was a weird feeling, like something was missing.
I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. There is also a plate of carrot cake cupcakes. You can now see how bored I was yesterday.  It was great fun.
I love Ryan Gosling. And Darren Criss. They both are really cute.  Just saying.
I am thankful for my parents.
I am grateful for Jake Shumabukuro and Karen.
I am thankful for all of my teachers, and my entire class.
I am grateful for life
Thank you for listening.

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