Monday, January 23, 2012


We did In To The Woods JR. I love performing. I.T.W is a collection of Grimm's fairy tales. I was Milky-White, Jack, from Jack and the Bean stalk's, cow. I looked like a fluffy snowball but with my cow mask, looked more like a cow. It was so much fun and loved all of the tech problems. Quick costume changes excite me and I love the lights and the smooth, dirty stage.
We went ice skating and OMG! it was so much fun. I love gliding (ish) over the ice. But I kept falling because I hit the ice too hard sometimes and know I have blue and purple bruises.  I have two Canadian teachers. Both were laughing often. It was actually kinds funny. I have pictures of people, (cough, cam, cough)  and they are on the ice, flopped. It's really funny.
I'm drinking lemon tea and listening to John Mayer. I love relaxing in the evening and just taking the time to sit back and breath for a little while.  Reading a good book and smelling the flowers in my room. The laundry is going and the laundry smells good. My hands smell good. My parents has great smelling soap and I love just washing my hands with that soap.
I am grateful for all of my teachers
I am thankful for my family, especially my parents
I am grateful for pencils and paper
I am thankful life and poetry
I am thankful for cameras and Facebook
Thank you for listening

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