Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I danced in The Lorax on Saturday and I was a Truffela Tree. I love Dr. Suess. All of his books have an underlining message to them. Like The Lorax was talking about the environment and saving the Earth. His drawings are really cool and artsy. I had a long, blue mermaide skirt with a blue flower print unitard underneath. I had the same material for the sleeves and hat. The hat and the sleeves matched my fan which was yellow. I loved it, even if I was the first to be chopped down.
I had dress rehearsals and tech on Friday night. I was mad because my granparents were leaving that Sunday to go back to Switzerland and they were having a great dinner with the entire family. I had to be at East eating Dominos pizza. It sucked. But they left and I never really got to say a proper good-bye. BUT they are doing well and they already sent us an email.
I was weird, not having to go to reahearsals on Sunday. I felt like I was missing something. I went to the cast party and watched the show. It was a lot of fun to see it.
Yesterday, I didn't have school and I just kinds hing around. I saw Hugo which is the cutest movie. Asa Butterfield is adorble AND he is like 13!  All of these actors are getting to be so young, which is actually OK. We returned things and bought shirts and jeans!
I am soo excited for the play tomorrow! And Thursday. My costume kinds sucks but hey, that's the fun of these things. Crazy makeup and wacky costumes.
I am grateful for Kayla, she is juts so bubbly and fun to be around.
I am thankful for Melody, this was another great dance show.
I am thankful for all of the people that came to see The Lorax, it meant a lot to Alice and I
I am grateful for Peter and Melanie and Michele for pulling the show together
I am grateful for all of my friends and family.
I am thankful for Stefan and Jenny
Thank you for listening

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