Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Life

I was painting sets today for The Lorax. I got paint all of my tights and hands but that is the fun of painting, getting dirty and having fun. We ran the show and it was so much fun. I messed up but Peter would always say, "You have to be bad to be good." So, I will be bad and then I will be  good.
I love the school show because I am the only one dancing and no will know of I mess up but in the dance show, there are other people on stage and you can tell if someone has messed up. 
This is a little much. Every year, dancers roles get harder and more advanced.  If you do drama and are on the stage, as you get older, the roles will get harder. There are always more expectations for you. Dance is really hard and a much as I love it, I have problems learning the moves the first time. I really don't like disappointing myself and my teachers.
Cathedrals by Jumping Little Children is so sad and beautiful. It talks about how these skyscrapers are casting shadows on all off the homeless in the really big cities. People look at the buildings and think that they have enough money. But really, there are still people who are homeless and need our help. Buildings are solving much of anything.
Chocolate can solve a lot of emotions. Pillows and rain boots. There is chocolate to engulf the hurt and pillows to hold the tears that the chocolate helps let loose. The rain boots are there for you to walk in and splash through the puddles of your tears and remember. With three things and throw in 2 or 3 good friends, you are covered.
I am thankful for my dance teachers and fellow dancers
I am thankful for Dr. Suess
I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for my good life
I am grateful for clear nail polish and ripped tights
Thank you for listening

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