Thursday, January 26, 2012

What my parents taught me

My parents are wonderful, hardworking, loving people that care. They laugh at each other and at us. There are always more than a few obnoxious comments at the dinner table as we snort over in to our food. They push me like no one else does. My parents seem always to be there with a bar of chocolate and an umbrella. The chocolate to swallow my sadness and get ready for the future and the umbrella to shield me from the outside world but the fabric is light enough to know what is really going on. My parents have a window seat with pillows and they make sure that it is always clean so that when I am sad, I can look out, while drinking tea and reading a book, I can look out at the sun and know that I will A OK.
1. They teach my to sit down at dinner and eat together as a family
2. My dad shows me old funky music from the '70's and before, including movies and 13+ days of music on iTunes, not including CD's
3. They tell me to take pictures and express myself
4. They show me what it means to travel and see the world, like looking at that the Blue Masque, headhunters and the South China sea
5. That every mountain in Switzerland, (OK, maybe not every single one) is claimable and that you feel so dang good afterwards.
6. Cousins and family reunions are the funniest combination ever! Sitting there and laughing at each other while everyone is looking at you is one of the more memorable moments in life.
7. The smiles of Karen refugees when they do something great in school is rewarding, sometimes even priceless at their first time doing something
8. That the only way to experience life is to take risks and do some things, or a lot of things, out of your comfort zone.
9. That no matter where you are, remember where home is and what family means to you
10. They taught me that we, the Steiner family, are insanely fortunate and that no matter what happens, life will  get better. We are an amazing family that cares and gives while having so much fun.

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