Friday, December 30, 2011

12 hours

I love Christmas. Don't get me wrong. This one was so sad though. It didn't feel like Christmas and now, it just feels like a regular old day. There was no snow in St. Louis and we didn't sing that many Christmas carols. There was no cookies made or music played constantly.  We went to  lot of parties but that didn't mean anything. I felt like there was no Christmas cheer, or if there was, it was all just fake and trying to hard to be happy. I love Christmas but this year, it just didn't feel like it.  I got some great presents though. A vegetarian cookbook and an iTouch 4! There were great many presents under the enormous tree. Candles were lie and tape everywhere.
My cousin was there for a couple days. He is so much fun to be around. He is 9 but has the energy of like a 6 year old. I came to the realization that boys always act at least 3 years younger than they actually are, So like a 13 year old boy might act like 9 or 10. They act young until about 18 when they go to collage. My cousin acts about 6.
We drove to St. Louis. A 12ish hour drive that was wasted away in songs, movies and books. I saw my 2nd cousin for the first time ever. Even my 16 year old sister has never seen him. His mom, my great aunt, was a teacher and she had all of these ugly Christmas sweaters and we all wore them. So my parents, my two sisters, my great aunt and my two second cousins all put on a ugly Christmas sweater and my great uncle took the picture. My guy cousin had such big muscles that when he tried to put of a vest, the little buttons things wouldn't close at first! It was really funny because he spent like 5 minutes trying to put on the vest.
In St. Louis, we went on a doughnut tour through out south St. Louis. It was so much fun to walk around and check out all these people's doughnuts and get so fat. We only went to 4 places but we couldn't eat after the 3rd place. Some places were so small and there selection was so small but some had so many options! They must not get that much business because there are a lot of doughnut places. But man, those were good.  Warm doughnuts and compo ever!!
My family and I went to have a pedicure at La Petit Spa. I have like this dark red hat is so pretty. The ladies there were so nice and it was comforting to sit in a massage chair and have out feet scrubbed and cleaned for once. My feet are so ticklish so I was kinda of dying because she would move her hand and I would flinch.
We went to this little Asian restaurant that was near Wash U and it the best vegetarian noodle dish in the world. The sauce was really good and the crunchiness of the peanuts. Amazing but the coconut ice cream in like a chocolate cookie was really good. Even though I hate coconut.
Random fact: Micheal Buble is a 36 year old Canadian and is married to a 24 year old Argentinian.  He is from Vancouver. I love his songs and his lyrics are so true.
I just watched Crazy, Stupid, Love and loved it. Ryan Gosling is super hot and he is great with Emma Stone. It is definitely worth seeing. I don't really know why but it is really good.
My sisters birthday is on Monday and I figure out what to get her. She is turning 11.
Play in the Wild is going to be in October this year. I really want to go but the problem is that I can't just say "OK East, I'm taking a week off. Sorry about that but I'm going to a camp about nonviolence." I don't think that I'm going to go which really bums me out. I love it last year.
I am thankful for Ma'am and Sir, Sam and Uncle John
I am grateful for my parents and my loveable family.
I am thankful for computers and musical devises
I am thankful for Ryan Gosling
I am thankful for my life
I am thankful for the Carolina Inn and the Franks
Thank you fore listening

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