Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Come Home

The most tear jerker songs are the ones that people turn away from. People care about Justin Beiber and none of his songs have any meaning. He is only there for the money and not for the truth. The song Come Home by OneRepublic ft. Sarah Bareilles speaks the truth. They know what life is about and they are old enough to have experienced life. Justin Beiber has no idea what life is about. I don't give him any credit for his butt-ugly looks and terrible lyrics. Why do people clog their eyes with false messages and untrue realities?
I need to feel you hands supporting me. You arm heavy around my shoulder and hand gently pressuring mine to lead me. The soft, white cotton shirts loosely flutters in the wind as we dance around. Our hair perfectly curls and whips our faces. The pressure of being with people disappears and the birds sing out. We steady ourselves and press our hands together. We stand there, feeling the Earth below us and the grass tickling our feet. Can you do that?
I don't miss my old self at all. Self-criticizing my self and not letting myself wearing cute clothes or go shopping or have a social life. Why did I let my self do that? If I could tell my self one thing last year, it would be: "Listen kid, life, it gets better. Who gives a shit what people think? If people don't like you, who cares? You will get past Ryan and Sam. Life will be better and you are never going to have to see those people again."
Life gets better. It can change in a few minutes or in a few months or even in a few years. My life changed in a few minutes. Well, more like a few hours. A very happy day was last year, graduation day. When the two people that made my life hard graduated. It got better. It's still getting better. I have a great circle of friends and my grades are slowly but surely going up. I love my life and I think you can too. Life gets better. Middle and high school sucks. Face it and don't let it get you down.
Thank you Sarah. You are amazing. You are an awesome friend but I am sorry, I haven't been the same to you. You have yet to let me down. I love how you can channel you emotions in to paintings and in to music. I can trust you and always have a ball laughing with you. Thank you.
I want you to know who I am. But this feels like the movies. Everything seems to cliche and sophisticated and I am supposed to say the same thing. I don't want to say the same thing, I want to be different and me.
It makes me so sad when there is child abuse and no one cares, denies that they are abusing their owning children. Killing them because they fell in love. Denying them the opportunity to learn and change the world. Do you notice that the news articles that are in the news are about the fathers? And his daughter? What about their sons? They are screwing up this world. There are many countries that have never had a female president. The USA is one of many. Never have we had a women president. Women couldn't even vote until about 1920. 90 years later. Many Arab and African countries, women can't have a life. They cook and clean and the men SIT and wonder why there is so much housework. Solution: get off you lazy butts and help change the world.
I am thankful for Sarah.
I am grateful for my mom
I am grateful for Lucia.
I am thankful for 2ne1
I am thankful for Grossmami
I am grateful for Stefan
I am thankful Ryan -- from church -- for the great cleaning job he did
I am grateful for Kayla and Julia
I am grateful for camera's.
Thank you for listening.

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