Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I feel so bad for bullies and the bully victims. I think that a bully is actually a bully victim because they are so angry at something or someone that they then respond in such a way that is hurtful. If anyone saw Johna on YouTube, it is heartbreak to know that someone is that hurt inside. The pain that you feel when you are knocked down and torn apart. But think of collage, only four years away. High school will be better and that is only a year away. It will get better. But each and every one of us has more than a millions to live and to be here in this moment in time. You are special and there are more than enough reasons for you to be here. Breathe and let your self let go because you are special and one of a kind.
I was bullied last year. Looking back, I am glad that I kept it all to my self because then my parents would have been involved and I didn't want that. But I wish that I had talked more to Lucia.
The great discomfort of being a dancer is that your knees and various joints always hurt. You learn to live with blistered feet and sore thighs. Pinky balls and ice packs become your best friend. But then you feel the joy of performing and doing what you love. Arching you back and lifting your knee and kicking you leg and stretching your arms and neck to the fullest. Getting the perfect combination. Perfecting your point.  Moving your body.
I love this year so much more than last year. Last year was hell. I think that the 8th years (then 7th years) were really cliche and a lot of the other girls and I weren't that good of friends. But know I feel like I am better friends with like Sarah, Kayla, Julia Alissa and Emma. All of us grew together more and we are more comfortable together.
I hate not having a camera on me at all times. The world is full of pictures and I hate not capturing them to show. 
I am grateful for Katie kat for walking with me and listening to me rant
I am grateful for Kate because she was able to share a beautiful song by her friend that died
I am grateful for Catherine because she is an amazing woman
I am grateful for Victoria because she is so funny sometimes
I am grateful for the great the conversation this morning-- thats all you need to know
I am grateful for YouTube for providing music and videos
Thank you for listening

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