Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Relaxed and Calmed

Sorry that I haven't written in a while. Today, I didn't really do anything. I went to Weaver Street and shopped with a friend.
In 6th grade, some guy i didn't know called me anorexic. I was just sitting there, waiting for my friend and this guy dropped in the seat diagonal from me. I looked over at him and then looked away.  "Hey, are you anorexic? You kinda look like it.You need to gain weight."
I remember feeling hurt, not really knowing what to think. Was I really this skinny? Was I all skin and bones?  What will happen?
That always triggered me. Sometimes when I eat a cookie or a sweet, I think of that guy in 6th grade, asking if I was anorexic. But sometimes, I choose water over soda and a salad over lunch. What is that? is it just me being healthy? I do try not to eat as much and only go for seconds if I am really truly hungry. I always pack some fruit in my lunch an try to have a balanced meal.

I'm looking through pictures for my grandparents Christmas present. It makes me sad, looking at all of those pictures and not being able to go back in time and relive that amazing experience. I miss all of those family experienced with my cousins.
Some people don't even get that chance to go places. I had some friends who haven't been out of the state, much less the country. I hate bragging about where and what I have done. It's like I am better than all of these people and I know things that they don't. 

This is the one shot that you have at life. Please, don't screw it up. Life means so much more than what you think. You can change so much with the limited supplies that you have. One man's trash is another treasure. Do something  and be helpful, not harmful. Smile and appreciate.

I am thankful for Lucia
For joy
For relaxation
For Aunt Ami
For Scotty McCeery
For dance
For field hockey
For awesome friends
For Adele
For music
For chocolate
For Tracy Chapman
For tears and forgivness
For love and light
Thank you for listening

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