Monday, December 12, 2011


I get to be a dancing cow that gets sold. SAY WA?!?! A dancing cow? I try to be a good sport about it but I am a dancing cow. That doesn't get any lines. Chris might kiss me. Not on the top of my to do list. I feel bad because I have nothing to rehears expect for the end.
I took a ton of nature photos. I was really bored and the sun was about to go down and there was little light left but I got great shots with no intention of ever getting them. I hate that. You are trying so hard to get this one picture and it doesn't turn out great but then when you accidentally push the button, there is a great photo. The light bounding off the leaves just as you snap the picture.
Switzerland next summer! Switzerland+mountains=climbing camp for Sophie. Happy days are here to stay. It's not that I'm not happy, I just am super-nervous. It's only for 5 days and my family is only like 2 hours away but...
I am so happy for Christmas. I have gifts for people and I am super physicked. I have gifts for everyone but my dad but I was thinking of getting him coffee. :)
Ramon for dinner. I hope my has an egg on it. There is this one Ramon that is really not good. It's like starchy and a little soggy. Really not good but I like the crunchy ones.  Parents are debating either to sit on the ground or on the table. I say ground.
I am so excited for Christmas. But not the 12 drive to St. Louis. My cousin isn't gonna be there until 10:30 Christmas day. Hope that it is another white Christmas.
Coffee was bad. Miscommunication so we had an extra 2 pots of coffee after and Michele was so pissed. I felt bad but so what? Andrew didn't come so Alissa helped. The coffee crew from last week didn't poor out the milk from last week so Michele was mad. Why does she get SO mad SO easily? One little mistake and she is really mad for 30 minutes. What's the deal? It's a little scary actually going up to here because she is so mad sometimes. I'm afraid to ask her things because she looks so angry.  Peter lets you know and Melanie never is really mad.
We made gingerbread houses today and ate ourselves sick from all the candy. Many people made like storage bins and had to store a lot of candy. Someone ate all my gummy bears but 2. I love gummy bears and now am very sad. Mine kinda just looked like a church or something. Thanks Steph!
I love Pan Am. I think that is great. It has bad parts, (every show does) but it is so funny.  I love how the characters act together and I love Ted. And Maggie. Them two together are so funny. Maggie just kinds goes all over the place and Ted manages to bring her back to earth.
Glee, I mean I like it but it's getting a little boring. I still love it but I'm not really keeping up with it. They are doing great songs but it just isn't as interesting.
I am grateful for Elsa for making Ramon.
I am grateful for Stephanie for helping out with the gingerbread festival this morning.
I am thankful for Barb for helping with my math instead of Melanie.
I am grateful for Stefan, last night was very funny
I am grateful for Alissa because she cares in her special way.
I am grateful for my friend Emily in Canada. She is sweet and is great to talk to.
Thank you for listening.

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