Monday, December 5, 2011

Wildflowers and dreams

I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while. We are doing In to the Woods as are school play this year. I'm super nervous for the auditions tomorrow but I think I'll do fine.
I burned my tongue drinking super hot rich hot chocolate. It was really good but super rich. Like liquid Ghirardelli chocolate.
I think that life is great. What is there to hate? You are the controller and you hold the reins. Sometimes you get angry and life is a roller coaster but you were angry, not your mom or dad. But you let your life be a roller coaster.
We got the Christmas tree today and it is up but looking a little bear because it still needs ornaments to be hung on it's limbs. Christmas season is finally here. I have got gifts for the teachers and for 2 friends, Sarah and Katie. What should I get for my sisters? My dad? I have my mom's present.
Photos saved me from despair because what better way to capture the moment and then show people what you have accomplished. The light shadowed on to the leaves of the trees and the twinkle of the sun as it bounced off the water. But some of the most powerful are of the people that make America, who are in overalls all day and farming our land. When we picked up our tree, there was a great photo of the Christmas trees in one area with the lights above them and the tent/tarp where the netting stand was and the desk with the supplies while the bright luminous lights shown on the chainsaws. The beat up red pick up truck rest in the background as we wandered the aisles of trees. Playing hide and seek through the thick branches. I love Pattisons Mill because it is chock full of old fashion nick-knacks and penny candies. The sprawling field and occasional wild flowers.
I am grateful for my parents.
I am grateful for Bells, for great hot chocolate.
I am grateful for Alex Steiner, for texting me back
I am grateful for Lode because he always makes me laugh and texts me back
I am grateful for Peter because He can walk right in to it and be so cool with it and has the ability to just let it go
I am grateful for dreams and thoughts
I am grateful for Kayla for the great talk we had over washing coffee pots.
I am grateful for Lucia for the talk that we had on the field and for listening to me rant and say "I'm done. No wait, one more thing..." So many times
Thank you for listening

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