Saturday, December 24, 2011

The better half of me

Oh my goodness, what is this? It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. My sweet sister is trying so hard to be cheerful and be in the Christmas spirit but I feel like the more she does, the less spirit is in me. It's unfair that she is trying so hard to liven things up and we are fighting her.  It's not that cold and there is no snow and we decorated that tree yesterday.  Stop seems to have stopped and fast forward so much and now we are just sitting here, catching our breath as time still races around.
Einstein Bros. Bagels are so good! They are light and fluffy and aren't that filling. Man, those are good.
We drove in Thursday to St. Louis. It was so long and hard, but it went fast. I feel that time is purposely trying to play tricks on me. I only have like 6 months until I leave my closets friends amazing teachers. No more microwaves and sitting on zafus, hilarious moments and the girls braking out in song. The uke practises are going to be gone. We will enter the great life of high school and then everything will hit me. I won't have the great friends anymore to cry on. It sucks.
I am grateful for Sam
I am thankful for Michael Buble
I am thankful for my sisters
I am thankful for Vevo
I am thankful for being together with family
I am thankful for my second cousin, it was nice to seem for the first time ever
Thank you for listening

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