Sunday, March 25, 2012

What I do in my spare time

So, today I had my dance concert....
It went great with the 20 minute piece,
We all remembered it and performed it amazingly!
But then we got to the student choreographed pieces
I felt like I was being tortured
I wasn't in any of the dances and that 
It sucked really bad
So that was hard 
I feel like I shouldn't do dance any more
If I'm not getting anywhere and all my friends are,
What should I do?
I don't want to cry
Keeping to myself is never good
But there is no one to talk to 
My friends don't offer any empathy
I don't know how to write about it
But it's OK
I can talk to my self

Now for a list of things that I do in my spare time:
  1. Bop around. I like act crazy and movie to an imaginary beat. Shake my head and bend my torso
  2. Drink tea. Or make someone tea. Most of the time, drinking tea.
  3. Listening to someone talking. Sitting in the garden, the cool air relaxing on your shoulders, the wind swaying through our hair. The best moments to talk is when you are with some that you can trust. I have listened to my one really good friend so many times and that has made our friendship that much better
  4. Listen to music. I am always listening to music. It's kinda sad.
  5. Dance. Yep, that is mostly what I do. Dance.
  6. Play field hockey. I love hitting the ball outside in the grass.
  7. Climb trees and hide behind bushes. I love the sturdy trees and feeling that I could fall off any moment but feeling the tree on every part of my body.
  8. Goof off. I tend to laugh uncontrollably. A lot. I love being with friends and laughing at sweet memories.
  9. Swim at the Lake House. Or tube. Or push friends off the dock. Or race through the woods at the Lake House. Yeah, that's what I can do at the Lake House.
  10. Watch movies. I have watched a lot of movies. There is nothing better than a good movie that is funny. I love all movies but like sci-fie that are thrillers or set in the future or something like that. I also don't like chick-flicks that are stereo-typicality blonds that are rich and snobby.
Song: Kelly Clarkson -- Stronger. I normally not a big fan of Kelly Clarkson but this song is great. 

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