Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Red Zinger, bar mitvahs and John Mayer

Drinking Red Zinger Tea, thinking about my friends bar mitvah on Saturday and listening to songs that I really like but havn't listened to in a while.
I have things to make up and shows to watch. My re-submittion pile is slowing piling up. I have DE's on things and my Expo board is not complete yet/
But I learned that it'll all be ok. I have 4 days...CRAP!! I have 4 days to complete my lab and my board.
Just kidding.
Foget that last comment.
I have four days, FOUR, 4, days to complete two huge things.
Ok, now I am starting to freak out.

But super phsyched that I am going to my friends bar mitvah on Saturday. It's going to so much fun... I think/hope. I mean, it's Sam and you kinda have to know him but he is just, well Sam. He is funny and somehow, I am really proud of him.
I am proud of him and my dad and his dad went to kindergarten together. I have known his my entire life and I remeber him as being this kid who would rather go tubing than put on some decent clothes. He is loud, outgoing and so very funny and I am proud of Sam.

Song: Kelly Clarkson -- Stronger
I am not a big fan of her but I love love love this song!

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