Saturday, March 24, 2012


I feel like I am in always in a big room with lots of different people who are always making noise and request. I am trying to sort out my life and listen to music but people are talking and I keep having to turn my music up. My head is pounding from a headache. My heart is missing Switzerland but my mind is somewhere else and it keeps snapping back to reality and how much homework I have. Why is like always like this?
Half of my brain is like, “OH look! Sunshine! Climb a tree barefoot and dance in the dew covered grass. Go on a walk in the cool woods. Go outside and have fun.”
But the other half of me is like, “You have to be inside, bullying your brain and working on things that are due on Monday. You can’t afford to go outside and have fun!”
Which one should I do? Blow off the great day and do even more homework or experience life the way that it should be done, barefoot and young. Because at this moment, I am getting mixed messages.
 Why do parents want you to do homework all the time? Why do they nag you when you are taking a 5 minute break because you have been doing homework for the last hour and a half? Why do they get mad and raise their voice when you are trying to tell them something and then get even more mad when you try to say something? Do they miss having lots of homework and late nights? Because when I’m a parent, I know that I wouldn’t. Would you like to do my homework? Because you are more than welcome to. I couldn’t care less.
I feel like they miss it, honestly. I know what I need to do and I don’t want my parents breathing down my neck. 

Song for today: Ben E. King -- Stand By Me

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