Monday, March 12, 2012

Sisterly love

I have two sisters, Elsa and Bella that are the two funniest people on the planet. There is little to no dull moment at the Steiner household, whether there is loud music or a funny movie. 
So over the years, I have learned things. Things to avoid and how to avoid them. Here is a shortened list....
  1. No matter how cute other boys are, 2PM will always be cuter. There is no question. Sorry.
  2. When you are in the car, or any where, you have to listened to music loudly and you have to sing on the top of your lungs.
  3. Mamma Mia. You can only watch that movie with the song lyric subtitles on and the volume blaring. 
  4. When you are sent to empty the dishwasher, unload the silver wear because that means that you spend lots and lots of time putting away the knifes and the other things that don't do in to the drawer
  5. When you see a cute raincoat, or anything cute, telling my mom that I need new rain gear is the key. My mom loves to have her kids had the right gear. It's been great
  6. When the parental carbon units have had a long day, the best responds to anything that they ask is, "Yes, I'll do that." Then the parental units will be less aggravated and that makes life just a bit better.
  7. Music must always be blaring when you are cleaning the kitchen after dinner. It has got to be something loud and invigorating and hip. K-Pop and Shakira or The Clash. Something loud.
  8. Don't say 'Walk' around the dog, Juno. You will then find yourself on a forced 15 minute walk. Good times, good times
  9. Rolling around on the ground laughing at a funny movie will most likely result in you getting tickled.
  10. Never interrupt Elsa when she is watching a Korean Drama. Never a great idea because she is too preoccupied in how the characters are so much love each other but NO there is the evil mother blah blah blah
My sisters have taught me things that I um never really thought of.

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