Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Amendment One

Amendment One is a nut shell says that gay people can't not get married and they can share a life together.
I think that if you have, or had, a beating heart, you are a human. Humans love other humans and you are denying love. I just don't understand why sex slaves have not been banned yet and love is banned.
Ask, no demand, that your parents vote against Amendment One on May 8th. For any one at my school, I can get yard signs against Amendment One and I can give them to you. For free. See how cheap and easy change is? It is a yard sign. I might even be able to get a couple t-shirts.
Please, you are not just doing this for the gay adults now, you are doing this for the our gay generation and for generations to come. So that teens don't have to live in fear and then be denied what everyone else gets.
So May 8th. Vote for equal marriages.
So the song today -- tonight -- is a speech made by a teen who has lesbian parents:Zach Wahls speaks about family
Thanks and vote!!

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