Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hockey, field hockey actually. I love it so much, the pressure that you are under and how you can smack the ball so hard.
People tell me not to swing the stick. I'm sorry. Honestly, I am but I'm used to having to really push pass the ball and not just flick it. 
I hit people in the shins and I am so sorry. I know what it feels like. Actually, I do not what it feels like and I have been hit with a harder ball in a lot more places. I am really sorry for hitting you.
Enough with that. 
A great book that I just finished : The Patron Saints of Butterflies. It is about these two girls, 13 or 14, that live in a Christian commune. Honey is crazy and spunky but Agnes is the more laid back and religious one so when they are faced with these different challenges, there is a struggle. It is a great book, do not hold back if you are not a Christian!
Going to Switzerland this summer!! So excited to see my family and friends that are there and to spend a great deal of time eating the bakery goods.
Song: John Mayer -- Shadow Days. This song, for me, is coming out of your shadow and really experiencing life the way that it should. It will take time but there is hope. You are here now and that's all that counts.
Sorry, this is a really short post. But you know, life is short. East dessert first.

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