Thursday, May 10, 2012

Make Them Feel Welcome

So. Gay marriage.
Gay people are just like straight people because every single human is 99.9 the same,.
So, if gays are not humans, what are they? Aliens because they should get tested because I have never seen an alien before and scientist would have a new discovery.
No, really. What is so bad about gay and lesbians?
I have another question. When did you come out being straight? When did you notice you were straight? What is hard for you to come out and tell all of your friends and family that you are straight?  I'm sure it was really hard. Did you parents never want to hear or see from you again? Are you bullied in school because you are straight? What is being STRAIGHT and GAY different?!?!?!?! Everyone is 99.9 the same.
Amendment one children and tears apart families.
Let me put it this way: 
You husband (or wife, depending on your gender) is in the hospital. S/he is dieing and you can not do a single thing. You can not make your partner live, you can not visit them, you can not even give them a hug them and tell them everything will be ok. You are completely hopeless because you are gay. If you lesbian and pregnant and you and the baby are in danger, you partner can not help you because you are not legally married. So, your wife and your baby are in danger and you might not see them any more.
1.3 million North Carolinian don't care. They voted to say that is it ok for people to die. It sucks because gay people are not safe and 1.3 idiots don't accept them.
Churches say that marriage should be between a man and a women but since when was the BIBLE the CONSTITUTION!! The Constitution is what rules America, not the bible. Oh My God what is wrong with you Christians?!?!
God say's to love your neighbors and you aren't loving everybody.
So, please, accept gay and lesbians, make them feel welcome.

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