Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hunger Games

Finally went to go see the Hunger Games!! F***ing amazing! The energy was amazing and it was just a great movie and I have to say, Liam Hemsworth is pretty adorable and Josh Hutcherson was good...he is cute but I don't know. He is cute.

I saw Juno yesterday and that was really intense movie. I really felt a connection with all of the characters and it was a good movie because there were a lot of emotions showed and I could tell what was really going on. The actors did an amazing job.

Bah!! I really actually kinds hate music theory because it is kinds confusing and there are people in my class who really get it and it makes me feel bad. But I'm glad that some people get what a broken triad is and the diatonic semitone is below e sharp in the bass clef.

I struggle in school. Not going to lie but at least I try and I know that when I do try, I can make something out of my education. It just drives me crazy when a person keeps rubbing it in to your face but it's in a polite way. So, they are being nice like, "Oh, that's easy!" or "Yeah, I ended the year with a 95 in music!" I'm ending with not such a good grade and it's discouraging. I always wanted to do something with music but when I can't anything. I can play the uke but I'm in the lower group. I try so hard but there is no point. I'm not going anywhere and my teachers don't care because in their mind, I'm not good at the uke.

It's like that in dance. I thought I was ok but why am I not going anywhere? Why am I not getting better? I was so good but then. I think it was in January when I was casted as the cow in the school play.
I wasn't good enough to be anything else because I dance. I got to do all my own choreography but I still fell like I didn't get to dance. I could have done the most elaborate dance or the boring routine and my teacher wouldn't have cared because he didn't pay attention to me. That is how important I am in the show. I am the dancing cow and I wasn't challenged at all.

I've learned to deal. I'll be ok. Glad You Came -- The Wanted

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