Monday, May 28, 2012

Some weekends are just meant to be

So, my dad's really good friend has a lake house on Lake Gaston and it's pretty amazing. We drove up there on Friday night and I was in a really good mood.
It was one of those weekends where the days are just like routines.We do it every year. But each year is different and the same.
So this weekend, we get up at like 9:30 Saturday and make our way down stairs where Belgian waffles are the first breakfast and my older sister heads to the coffee machine.
We eat Belgian waffles until we drop and we dump whipped cream and strawberries on them.
Then we kinds sit around until someone puts 'boat' and 'tubing' and 'kids' in the same sentence. Then we run upstairs -- metaphorically of course -- and throw on our bathing suits and gym shorts and head down to the dock where we pile on to the speed boat. Well first we must dawn on some sun screen. But this year, this was actually quite funny, we had to clean the boats. Josh poured vinegar in to a bucket of lake water and we scrubbed away the dirt that was on the seats and the parents admired their free labor.
After cleaning the boat, we hook the three person raft up to the end of the speed boat and three kids pile on to the raft. It was choppy and it was really funny hearing my friend scream. After a great morning of tubing, we head inside and then through on some clothes to head to lunch at a place near the marina.
Ok, so I was kinds sad because I really wanted some like legit pasta but I got some like really boring and not actually that great of pasta and it made me really sad.
After lunch, we actually to head to the marina to get gas and, this was funny, we all got Italian ice and so I'm eating mine. All is good and then we actually start the boat and we are speeding away and bumping over waves  -- it's actually really painful when you go over waves in a speedboat at like 30 something mph -- and I give up eating my Italian ice because, what's the point, it's gonna get all over me. So we hit this one wave and the ice - juice - sticky stuff gets all over my hand. I pass my ice to my friend Maggie so I can sort of lick it off my arm and we hit another wave. The ice stuff kinds spills and it gets on the carpet and all over my friend Chris and my friend Sam, who is driving, is cracking up. So Maggie, Chris and I have Italian ice all over our selves and the carpet has red stains on in.
My stomach is starting to hurt because I'm laughing so much. It was really funny!!
OK so we get back and we tub some more and sunbathe. There was some swimming.
We make a fire that night, after a dinner of barbecue (i eat mashed potatoes and lime beans) and my friends and I are just making fun of each other and it's really funny. Meanwhile Josh is getting mad at us for poking the fire and waving around burning sticks.
We head inside and the adults talk and the kids play pool. Maggie and I talk for a while.
The next morning, Sunday, we get up and eat eggs and biscuits. We go tubing and that was really fun. I am happy to say that I didn't fall off this year. I have a record of falling of and it is becoming sort of a habit.
So tubing on Sunday was quite an adventure.
So as I said earlier, there is a three person tube. There is also a tube but it is flat and you lie down and hold on to handles that are next to you. Very fun.
So, we are taking turns in the three person tube and we notice that is's sort of getting a little deflated. We go back in to the dock and pump it back up, thinking that it's ok. Wrong. So 6 kids pile on to the three person tube. (it's actually really fun to have a ton of people on one tube) So i'm sitting in the middle and Sam decides to not actually site in the seat with me -- it was two people a seat -- and he is hanging out of the back of the tube holding on to the handles. The things that he said were really really funny. I will not repeat... So, everyone is bouncing around and falling off the tube and cursing and screaming. It was really funny.
But then Adam, Sam and Chris all fell off and Maggie, Bella and I were all still on the tube!!
We play this game called rodeo and a person is on the tube and they can't touch the fat with their hands. They try to stay on as long as they can.
So, Sam was doing rodeo and he noticed that the raft was really deflated.
We took it apart on the dock.
It has a huge hole. That would be the third raft that we have broken over the years.  It's kinda sad.
So another batch of people head out and they go tubing on the flat raft and that was super fun. I always get rug burn though but...
After a dinner of tacos, we watched Justin Beiber's Never Say Never. I don't really know what to say.
It was kinda sad but really funny at the same time.
I don't love him, I don't hate him.
This morning, we all woke up sore and sunburned. Nothing really happened today. We kinda just sat around. We started packing and I took a ton of pictures. We drove home today and I worked on homework.
It was the kind of weekend that I never wanted to end. I wanted it to stay like that forever.
We will be back again soon, I hope.

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