Monday, July 2, 2012

So much has happened

So, I haven't written in a while and sorry about that.
I really have no excuses but I'm in Switzerland right now and I'm feeling pretty good.
My dad is form Switzerland and it is a great time to work on my Swiss-German, look at all the sights and keep up with some of my friends.
I love it here. There are so many spectacular views and I love eating all the fresh food. I love walking next to the river and watching the ice-blue water flow by in a a hurry. It has rained a lot but that doesn't mean that we can't go shopping!!
We went to H&M and I got a really cute shirt.
My sister and I walked in to the Metro, which is like a retro clothing store, and there were so many really super cute bikinis and that made me happy. I didn't buy any because I don't really have any money. Ok I lied,  I have 40 Francs but the bikini was like 30 or something crazy and I didn't want to pay that.
We walked up 288 steps to get to our house and that was an adventure because let me tell you, I am not in shape.
But that is ok because I have a month before field hockey try-outs start and I do have running clothes. And a field hockey stick.
So Thun is really living up to what I remembered. Nothing really big has changed.
BUT the swans left!!!
So what? There are just swans?
They are more than swans. Swans have been in the river that flows through Thun as long as I can remember and there are not as many ducks as there were. Ever!!
This is so sad.  :(
So the song that I'm going to do makes me really happy. Its my song :) The Wanted -- Glad You Came

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