Sunday, July 29, 2012

So, I'm not dead, don't worry. I am still alive but just tired.
Ok so this month has been a hectic with hikes, family, swimming, sight-seeing and all that fun stuff. We went to Lausanne and Geneva. We went on several hikes overlooking the Alps. I went climbing for a week. 
But this month has been the best month that I have had in a long long long time. I left America and came to an amazing country and I got to have a break from all the crap that was going. I'm nervous about high school next year and it was nice not procrastinating and actually doing something productive  with my time. 
I love Switzerland so much and all the Swiss people. They are so chilled.
I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while and I still would like to tell you about my New York trip and my climbing camp. Not at this moment because it is 11:39 pm and I need to sleep. Eeekkk!! 
I come back to the States on Tuesday and I'm kinda ready to come back. I love Switzerland but I really want to see my friends and have an American breakfast. There is this really good breakfast place in Carrboro called Elmo's Diner and it has the best breakfast ever. I might be exaggerating but I love it. I love bagels so much. 
Ok, idea. I should have a blog post of all the food that I like. Which is a lot. 
I really want some pancakes. And bagels. Damn.
We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics and OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was so cool!! If you didn't watch it, shame on you because it was really cool because they did British history.
But then we watched the highlights of the Beijing Olympics and then we were like "Oh, just kidding" 
The 2008 opening ceremony was awesome and they were all synchronized and it looked so amazing. Just watch it.
We watched a field hockey game today and HOLE SHIT!! it was fast and their stick work was unbelievable. I was in awe the entire first half.
Watching the Olympics makes me kinda sad because these people are so good and then I'm sitting their watching them. Word. I'm thinking 'Damn' 
They are really good and then your'e not. It's sad but it cool to be inspired by them.
OK I need to sleep. Sleeping is still a verb that I would like to keep in my vocab. Maybe.
I might have already posted this but Michel Telo -- Nossa Nossa
Pretty good stuff :)

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