Monday, November 28, 2011


I think that I have got some where in my musical life!
I am in a band, Undecided and we did this showcase. My and my band mates miss each other so we are deciding to maybe keep going. We have some instruments (does any one have any drums?!?!) but its electric guitars and a keyboard and a mic and possibly a bass but I have to say, I am really excited. Bands always have an interesting beginning and some times it's rocky so I feel like this is going really well! I love performing and maybe we can get some gigs. I feel like I'm setting the bar too high though and expecting this all to work out but who knows?
I am grateful for Elsa and Paris, for being a great band
I am grateful for my dog Juno because she is so cute when she tells you she wants some love
I am grateful for Uncle Smilie for polishing all that silver at Thanksgiving
I am thankful for music, for bringing the best out of every situation
I am thankful for life and how fortunate I am with all the great things that i have
When life hand you lemons, appreciate them, breathe and make the best out of them. If it is lemonade, then ok. If it is throwing them at people, thats ok too.
Breath easy and confidently. Big and deep breaths are key in enjoying the moment in which you are in right now.
Thank you for listening

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