Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Live to Laugh

Ahh death. But what is it? Is it really the end of a life? Or is it someone passing their life to someone else? Or is it just another candle going out?
This is the time to be thankful for what you have and will have. But who knows? Define Future. How do you measure the Future?
I wish I could go back in time and tell my self all that has happened so far in my life and how much joy I have right now. I am ready to shed the masks off and have fun with my new naked skin. I can than dance and let the cool breeze wash over my open arms and my clean face. My legs are swarmed by then clean air as my back twists around the refreshing wind.
This is what everyone's life should be like, letting go of the past and grasping the future in two hands because one hand isn't as sturdy.  It will take a while because who knows what will happen. Take time to bud in to a flower because the world maybe be dark.
You can choose. Choice is the way of the world and you can be non-violent. Choose peace over fights and think of what the outcome will be. Empathy and not sympathy and let people know that you can listen and hear what they are saying. Give them your back in every situation.
I am grateful for the Goo Goo dolls
I am grateful for music
I am grateful for the ability to let go
I am grateful for the ability to become a flower and bloom at every chance
I am grateful for kiwis for being really cute and delicious
Thank you for listening.

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