Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is your  life
Appreciate it
Because, I swear
No one else will
You can do what every the hell
You want and you can see
What ever you want
But listen and listen closely
Is fragile as shit
And it is so easy to mess up
You can twist your life aound
And turn it upside down
All in about 5 seconds
Take care and think
Before you do
But what I think I am doing
The right thing?
How am I supposed to know
What happenes?
Well, baby
Live and learn
"You have to be bad
To be good!" - Peter Piche
If you mess up
Go, get help
Learn about what you did
And then don't do it
Figure out what you did
Wrong and do it right
You have a brain
I have seen screw up
Use it
Use it to your advantage
Its there to help
Not destroy

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