Friday, October 26, 2012

High school

I'm not kidding when I say that I can get to bed by 9, maybe even 8:30 on a good day
'Wow! That's crazy!' My friends say.
Not really. I have a free third period.
How much homework do freshman actually get?!?
I can do most of it at school
I get home and actually do it with as little procrastination as possible
But, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and specifically with my short term memory
(That explains so many not-so-great Spanish test...)
But because I have ADHD, I have to work that much harder
I have to come to the conclusions that it is a good thing.
It will prepare me to try hard and be determined
Stick with and really learn, study

That's kinda what I like about high school
East is a really hard school
But my bio teacher, he took 4 AP's
And is fine in life

I can push my self really hard
(I know a girl taking 4 AP's sophomore year!!)
But I can still try hard and take 2 or 3
Junior year.
Who said that I need to take a million AP's?
I can take all the hard and
All the easy classes I want
If I try hard and do take a couple hard class,
I'll go to collage
There are so many collages
It's not like I'm not gonna go to one

So, in the next 4 years,
I will push my self
I will not stress my self out too much
I will not take classes that I know are way too hard for me
(AP Physics!!)
I will have fun

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