Friday, October 5, 2012

My older sister and she just turned 17!! There are a lot of reasons why she is the best and why is is soo cool but here are 17 reasons why:
  1. She is hilarious. I love hanging out with her because she just says the funniest things and can make you laugh so hard. Even though she can make some snarky comments every now and then, they are always funny.
  2. She cooks really good Korean food, which is not a bad thing! I love how excited she gets when she gets a new cookbook, no make what type of food. She gets really happy when she recognizes dishes and she can't start making all this delicious food. 
  3. Her style is amazing. She has so much clothing that I love just going through her closet and finding clothes to wear for that day. Her sense of style is chic and comfortable. A cute dress layered with a pink sweater. She puts her hair up and she looks great.
  4. She looks really good with a little makeup. She puts on a little mascara and she already looks good for the day.
  5. Her even temper. She doesn't get that angry and just kinda gets really happy. Sure, she has her moments but she is very even tempered. 
  6. No matter how busy she is, she always finds 5 minutes to help with my biology.
  7. Her friends are awesome. They all have so much fun together. They are spontaneous, funny and just so much fun to hang around.
  8. I love riding in the car with her and blaring music. We sing in Korean, not know what we are saying, and have real bonding moments. We sometimes go and get FroYo and/or Sunrise biscuits and I really like eating them with her. Sacred moments. 
  9. Music between us is really different. But we have common ground in some really deep music and I love discussing the true meaning of the words and how they relate to my life.
  10. Her room really reflects her. It's colorful but monitored. An organized mess. 
  11. She tutors Karen refugees and the way the she feels about helping them is indescribably. She loves helping them and learning about their culture. Just seeing their little faces light up when they learn something and grasp a new concept gives her so much joy.
  12. Her maturity and her willingness to be a kid are great. She acts her age but she stills know how to have fun. One Friday night, we ordered Chinese food and we all spread out over the floor and ate sweet and sour chicken and watched Gilmore Girls. 
  13. She's confident that nothing's out there stopping her from achieving her dreams. She works hard and is very determined. 
  14. She is a true Tar Heel. She loves Carolina and the campus and the sports.
  15. She is willing to learn from her mistakes and grow and have fun life. Though all her classes are not the easiest classes, she does them willingly and learns a lot.
  16. Even though I'm just a little freshman, she talks to me at school and is interested in my classes and makes sure that I'm doing OK. 
  17. But I think that what I love most about her is that she is supportive and caring. She is there for me every step of the way and she knows the best for me, even before I do. She is the best older sister I could ever have.
So that is my amazing sister. If you ever meet her, tell her I said hi and I that I love her a lot.

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