Thursday, October 18, 2012

Field Hockey

Today was a sad day.
Field hockey season is over.
No more games.
No more practicing.
I won't have to lug my stuff to and from school.
The locker room won't be used by a lot of us.
(Varsity still has States)
I won't need to remember when the next game is.
No more cramps and insane running practices.

It's melancholy
 I won't play for a year
Maybe in the spring
I had the best team that anyone could ever ask for
Undefeated, with only 1 tie!!
We had one goal scored on us
My team was so much fun
We talked, cheered, critiqued 
I played hard
I worked hard
I got better

I will see you all next year
It will be a long year
I will miss you all
I will miss the feeling of working hard and then drinking ice-cold water
I'll miss dressing up for games
I'll miss cheering on my team
I'll miss making good plays
I might even miss the sweat and how bad the locker room smelled after a game...

But all in all, it was a great season.
Even though it got off to a rocky start,
I'm glad that I stuck with it
I made new friends
There will always be people better than me
I will be better than some people
But that is life
It is a sport that I love 

Song: in case you haven't heard one of the best kpop songs: Gangham Style -- Psy

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