Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toes in the Sand

So what has happened since I last posted?
Well, I danced In Earth day ballet, had two field hockey games, dance some more, was at school and dying.
Yep so I danced in Earth day. It was Earth Action day, on a Saturday and it was at Southern Village. It was really nice, we had really pretty dresses and we got wet. The sun was shining and there were some people milling around. Actually, it was really sad. There were not that many people at Earth Action this year. Last year it was a lot better. I don't know but I dance good so I'm happy.
I had two field hockey games. We won both of them. Yea!! The first one was against the Dark Angles, and it was Saturday and we won 5-2 and the second game was on  Sunday. We won 4-0 against the Pink Ladies. I really happy how this season is turning out and hope fully, it stays that way.
So, I had Earth day on Saturday and I needed to be there at 11:45. I had my game from 10-11 and I need to leave early.
Phew, I was tired. But I have a game, maybe two this weekend and I am I am going to be really tired. BLAH!!!
SO my homework level is going up and I'm kinda tired but there is coffee in the cupboard so I can stay up.
That's not healthy. Just kidding.
Not going to drink coffee.
I'm doing a group project with 3 other amazing 8th years. (Lucia, Grant and Sarah) I love them all but they are all freaking out because they have term papers to write. Term papers? If you are in Spanish and wanting to go to Roatan, Honduras, you have to write a 5 page, double spaced Spanish paper about something in or related to Roatan. People are doing pirates, reefs, diving. Stuff like that. But in Spanish!!!
So what is the point of this very stressful story and how does it relate to my group project?
I am doing the research on Leonardo da Vinci's ideal city while they freak out.
Why am I not mad, angry, sad, annoyed that they are not pulling their end of the bar that they are not doing the research?
I'm not mad or annoyed at all. They still care and they do do some of the research and tomorrow, we as a group are going to work on the poster.
I know that they have other priorities and that I am trying to do what ever I can do to help take some of the stress off their shoulders.
And if it means doing some research, than I can do that.

Ahh so the song today. I struggled with this song but here it is: Amy McDonald: Troubled Soul. It has an amazing drum beat and I love the energy that it gives.
Breath. This is your life.
Don't be perfect because you need to be yourself.
Breathe and love yourself.

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