Thursday, April 26, 2012


Dance is not how flexible you are, or how graceful, or how pretty you are, or how high your kicks are.
It is about what is inside of you, the life that is in your heart.
Stretching your limits and extending your arms.
Dance, for me, has always been there. I started dancing when I was 4. 10 years. A decade. WOW!!
Ok, but I'm saying that even though I have been dancing for the last 10 years, I am the best dancer ever. I haven't made it too any dance companies, only a couple festivals and seen a couple dance companies perform.
Dance is a great because it is fun, energetic and makes you work out.
Anyone can do it.
Dance is like finding your inner bird.
A bird?
Yes, a bird. Because a bird is small yet powerful. It's strong and might. It can go great distances and convey many messages.
When you turn on music and have 20 different dancers dance to the song, it will be all different because each dance has a different bird inside them.
It may be hard to find the bird inside you because one hasn't made it's self obvious yet but there is a bird inside of your, wanting to come out and express yourself.
Dance can break barriers. It can force down walls and make things right in the world.
But it is hard. It's hard to push past the pain that can be inside of you. There might be a lot of walls and barriers that are inside of you but that is what great about dance.
You can push past everything and go for something that is yours.
Own that something that is hidden.
It will be tough because pain is never fun. And you know you have achieved when you are able to push passed hard times and see the new.
So, keep pushing down those walls and keep breaking new barriers for yourself. Create new connections.
Dance is not how good you are. it's not how flexible, how great, how fast you get moves.
It's about finding yourself, releasing that bird and tearing down walls.
U2 - Beautiful Day

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