Saturday, August 11, 2012

The jump

Jump. Just jump. You can jump for joy or jump for pride. You can jump over the creek, to new land.
You can do anything because you are willing to risk something to jump.
Sometimes, you are forced to jump and step over rocky waters to find new land to stand on.
High school might be big and scary but you can't hide from it and sneak back in to the game of your childhood because you have to pick up the next card in your deck and jump.
You can take risks and try out new clubs and team sports or you could not. You could sit in the corner and do the things that are expected of you but I think that trying something new is the best thing that can ever happen to you because it teaches you what you can do and not do.
I made the JV field hockey team, but I went in to on Monday not know if I was going to make it because there was a butt load of sophomores. But as the week went on, I got better and I think that it showed. The coach said that there were enough girls that no one was going to get cut and the worst that could happen was that I was going to be an alternate, meaning that I can go to practices and play, juts not at away games. I couldn't play at home games but I could go and be apart of the team.
I risked it and jumped in to something that was fun, scary and hard but I tried. And I did it.
Try out for a team because you can still practice with them and this is freshman year, you have three more years to get even better so it's not the end of the world.
Jumping is difficult and it takes courage to do anything.
But think of other people. Do you think that Kate Middleton has it easy? Sure, she is a princess but there is paparazzi everywhere.
The Olympians are trying for gold and I'm sure your thinking, 'But they have been training for ever!!'
Yeah, they have and there will be people that are better than them and they no that.
Jumping is hard but you have to do that.
Here are two very inspiring videos.
Powerful Inspiration of a True Story
Get Back Up
Think. Reflect. Jump. Because you need to jump in order to succeed.

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