Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just sitting

A lot can happen when you have cancer. You eat less and smells makes you nausea and you kinda go crazy after a little while.
But for some strange reason, I have been trying to find calm. I have noticed when my back hurts and I advocate for my self and ask for meds.
Sure, I don't want to be here when I'm supposed to be at home. Sure, I want to back to Switzerland. But life isn't about wishing something can happen. I have to take reins and steer my own path.
I am so lucky to be here because all the doctors and nurses are super super awesome. They want me to get better so much.
 I took a shower yesterday. I soaped off all the sweat and tiredness and everything that was bad. I put on a new pair of non-sweating pj's and so much deodorant that I felt like a different person. The pink in my hair came out but I'll put some more in later.
I've been thinking a lot about Switzerland last summer. It was really kept me going because my grandparents offered to buy me tickets to go to back next summer. I almost cried because to go to the place the I love alone with my grandparents is unbelievable.
So I advice that everyone count their blessings, find peace through breathing and enjoy life's little moments.

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